Speaking on Trauma

Speaking on Trauma on the Divine Healthy Living Show Listen to our conversation with Karen Hurd regarding Recovery from Trauma. In this podcast we discuss alternatives to talk therapy to help process unresolved traumas, depression and anxiety. You will learn more about how EMDR works, EFT or Tapping, and how to reflect on God’s word…

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Silver Lining

When was the last time that you thought, “What is the purpose of this trial in my life right now?” If we are honest with ourselves when we’re going through hardship or difficult times very seldomly does this thought cross our minds, at least not initially. Maybe you’ve said to yourself recently, “In hindsight I…

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Trust for the Moment

How much time are you spending worrying about things outside of your control? Have you thought about what those things are? In simple terms things we can’t control include the weather or people driving on the road. More challenging things that we can’t control are events or circumstances such as what people say or do,…

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