• Therapy can be a return on investment that often results in freedom mentally, physically, and spiritually that is invaluable.
  • I would be happy to speak with you during a free  phone consultation regarding my hourly fee.
  • If you are in a crisis that does not entail imminent danger and need to speak with me, my hourly rate applies incrementally if the conversation exceeds 7 mins.
  • For those who demonstrate financial need, I offer a limited number of slots on a sliding scale rate.


Currently I am in the process of getting on insurance panels for Optima and Tricare. Please contact me for further updates on the status of my credentialing process.

I am in network with Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield

If you have other types of insurances please visit this site for more information on insurances I do take Headway Profile for Melanie Mosbarger

Reasons to Consider Self Pay 

  • Privacy- any documented health record filed by insurance is required to be recorded on your permanent health record and when health insurance companies complete audits they have access to what occurred during each of your therapy sessions.
  • Flexibility of multiple sessions in the same week.
  • Not limited by insurance to use other modes of therapy that would not otherwise be covered by insurance such as biblical counseling.
  • Insurance companies require a diagnosis and cover only services deemed as a medical necessity. Therefore, if you are dealing with everyday life circumstances such as caring for an elderly, spirituality issues, identity issues, relationship issues, or other reasons not defined by a mental health disorder these issues are not covered by insurance.
  • Once a diagnosis is made your insurance might view that as a pre-existing condition which could increase the cost of your insurance and make it difficult to receive coverage altogether.

Cancellation Policy

I understand that unexpected circumstances may occur over the course of treatment. If that is the case and you are unable to make your scheduled appointment, please give a 24 hr notice if you need to cancel the session. Otherwise, you will be charged the full amount for your session.

Forms of payment that are accepted

  • Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover
  • HSA and FSA card