EMDR has been an answer to prayers that I have prayed for years! For over 20 years of my life I was trapped in my trauma and my trauma responses. Living everyday in fear, anxiety and anger. So many of my relationships have failed and my life has been unraveled by this. After 5 months of EMDR with Melanie my life has been changed!  With each session as my brain has began to rewire and I have began to experience freedom my life is so different.  I am slowly no longer carrying painful memories that are triggered on the daily and am able to think differently and learning to let go of trauma. If you want to experience true freedom from you past EMDR is what you need! You wont regret it! EMDR takes commitment and determination. Sometimes it’s so hard and way out of your comfort zone but I promise you wont regret it! You are in safe hands with Melanie and her EMDR sessions!

—Anonymous Client

Working therapeutically with Mel and working through an EMDR program has been life changing.  Anxieties and worries that have plagued me the majority of my adult life are not issues that hang heavily over my head anymore.  The process has allowed me to work through issues as they come, without the feeling like one small issue is a combination of many problems.  I’ve noticed that I no longer suffer from depression and my anxiety has really improved.  I have coping skills to work through my everyday stresses and have a solid understanding of what previous life events cause negative triggers.  Mel is someone who combines therapeutic treatment methods to create a very unique and specialized counseling experience.  I have seen other counselors in the past, but Mel has been by far the best fit for me.   

— Anonymous Client

My experience with EMDR has helped me to work through betrayal trauma, childhood wounds, and difficulties in relationships. It is a challenging but worthwhile method. The process of working through past traumas is not an easy one, but the freedom from pain that comes at the end makes it worth it. I have worked with Mel both in person and online and found that it was effective both ways. I highly recommend the EMDR process if you are struggling to move on from past experiences.

— Anonymous Client

Ms. Mosbarger has been able to guide me through the process of EMDR and it’s been uplifting for me. It has opened my mind up about how I deal with and view trauma that has been triggering. These traumas were shaping how I view myself and lived my life. Now I have a better perspective that I never knew was there because they were crowded by the negative traumatic events, that I can now think about when those negative thoughts try to creep in. EMDR with Ms. Mosbarger has changed my life for the better and she has been so helpful with helping me understand what EMDR is and she has helped me release the things that have had a negative impact on me.

–Anonymous Client