Eye Movement Desensitization Reprocessing was created by Dr. Francine Shapiro in the late 1980’s. This work was birthed out of Dr. Shapiro’s own curiosity of how the mind functions. One day she was sitting at a park thinking about a situation in her life when shortly after she noticed a shift, she felt better. She reviewed what she had done to feel differently, and she noticed that as she was thinking about the situation in her life, she was watching ducks walk in the park and she was following the ducks walk back and forth, back and forth. Thus, began the empirical research and what is now known as an evidence-based modality of therapy used to treat individuals with PTSD, Complex- PTSD, individuals struggling with thought distortions or negative self-beliefs which encompasses a variety of other disorders but is not limited to anxiety and depression.

I was trained in EMDR level 1 and 2 through an EMDRIA approved agency in 2017. I am currently receiving consultation to become certified as an EMDR therapist.  Since I have been practicing this mode of therapy, I have had the pleasure of witnessing so many walls broken, and healing from past traumas. I have had the joy and pleasure of seeing negative self-referencing beliefs no longer plaguing the mind of individuals that once struggled with self-confidence, fears, or triggers.