The Flash Technique was developed by Philip Manfield, PhD in 2017. It was designed to be done within the EMDR basic protocol. The results of Flash appear to make EMDR more efficient and generally painless. If this method happens not to work for you we should know in five minutes, and all you would have lost is just five minutes. The way it works, is by selecting a target memory to work on then create a positive engaging focus. Once you have done that you place the target memory out of your mind by solely focusing on your positive engaging focus while tapping on your thighs or watching the therapist’s hands move from left to right and blinking when the therapist uses the words “flash”.

How it works:

Parts of the brain that process trauma are impaired by trauma related disturbances. This makes those parts of the brain hyperactive. However, during very brief exposure through flash technique the client is not consciously aware of the exposure and does not feel the disturbance. This means that parts of the brain can become active during the flash technique when there are not triggers or disturbances present.  Currently, there are at least seven papers that are published or in progress that a couple include EMDRIA Conference Presentation, Webinar Practicum (USA), Australia, Uganda (Manfield, et. al) and Flash technique for safe desensitization of memories and fusion of parts in DID: Modifications and resourcing strategies. (Shabini, 2019)

I have personally seen the great positive effects of Flash reduce disturbances by at least 2 or 3 levels lower than what it was originally in a matter of minutes. For more information, please feel free to contact me with questions.