Have you ever felt so overwhelmed about an issue that you found your breath starting to get shorter and faster, maybe you heartbeat started to increase, sweaty palms, or had a reoccurring thought that you could just not stop thinking about? If this sounds familiar to you, then you are no stranger to checking out from the present and getting stuck with the overwhelming thoughts that are concerning you. What is happening is that you are floating out of your body and into your head – envision yourself sitting in a seat, except you are levitating above the seat. When you start to come back into the present you come back into your seat, you notice the support of the seat, your feet are placed on the ground, you notice objects that are around you, maybe even a smell or specific taste. You now feel grounded, the more you practice you have in grounding yourself, the easier it becomes to observe the thoughts and not become engulfed by them.

In my practice of mindfulness, I invite you to come into the present by teaching you grounding skills and  working on diaphragm breathing. I also incorporate some yoga practices to bring awareness of your body and bring you into the present.