Emotional Freedom Techniques/ Tapping

Info on Emotional Freedom Techniques

Smith, S.R. (2015). Emotional freedom techniques for christians. Energy Psychology Press.

EMDR Resources


Shapiro, F. (2012). Getting past your past: take control of your life with self-help techniques from EMDR therapy. Rodale.

Psychological Testing Referrals

Psychological Referrals

Sexual Abuse

RTS and Coping Worksheet

Rainn- Support for sexaul assault

Physical Abuse

Power and Control Wheel gender neutral

YWCA- Support for victims of sexualt or physical abuse

Bipolar Disorder

Fast, J. A., & Preston, J. (2006). Take charge of bipolar disorder: a 4-step plan for you and your loved ones to manage the illness and create lasting stability. Warner Wellness.


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